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Gore Range (Sold)
Kenosha Pass
Hereford Cows (Sold)
Heads Covered Walking Away
Gladiolus with Pear (Sold)
Moose in Watering Hole (Sold)
Bierstadt Mountain, Georgetown
Open Space, Just Breathe
Ouray, Colorado
Chrysanthemums with Apple
Big Horn Sheep
Two Ravens in Conversation
Wilson Farm, Castle Rock
Symphony of Iris'
Nude Pose #1
Bison Grazing (Sold)
Standing Nude
Auckland, New Zealand
First Snow, South Platte
Open Space, Home Is Where the Heart Is
Spring Snow, Hudson Gardens
Bear Run Vail Mountain
Looking Deep
The Artist Self Portrait
North American Bull Moose (Sold)
Bison Chief
White Iris
Ode to Willem de Kooning
First Snow
The Ranch
Hong Kong City
Breaking Free
American Bison (Sold)
Wyoming Praire
Nude Pose #2
Venice, Italy
Grand Canal, Venice
South Platte River
Nude Pose #3
Nude with Attitude
Grey Wyoming Sky
Birds Eye View
Wyoming Deep Blue Skies
Garden of the Gods
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